Saturday, 6 August 2011

The secret?

Today I logged in to draft a blog post on my daughter falling into the dogs water bowl (I'll get to that later!) and discovered that I have not one but two followers! Hooray! I didn't expect any followers for MONTHS.  I didn't think what I had to say would be in any way interesting to anybody else...much less interesting enough for them to follow!  But hey, I must be doing something right so long may it continue! :o)
When I began my first blogging forays (many moons ago!) they had topics and direction but I couldn't maintain them.  Now this blog (the fifth one lol) has absolutely no direction and has been the easiest to maintain.  Is that the secret? To just waffle?  Are all us ladies essentially just doing a cyber version of gossiping over the fence with a cuppa? 

I love that idea.  I love the idea of chatting over the global fence with my american/aussie/spanish etc neighbour.   A cheeky bit of global gossip. ;o) It helps bring the world that tiny bit closer, don't you think?



  1. Having written this, I just came across this new post by 'Ah, the possibilities!'

  2. And now you have 3 followers. Isn't it exciting when people actually start coming to read your blogs? Your daughter fell into the dog's water bowl? I'm looking forward to that one. LOL

  3. I know! It really does make my day! (the followers not Bubble falling into the water bowl!!) It also makes me think a little harder about what I'm going to write next... waffle is all very well but I think it's important for you to relate to the waffle!

    She did it again earlier, except this time she tried to stand in their bowl!

  4. Yep! Waffling is what I do best Cheryl ;o) Well done on your third follower, they will come, don't you worry.

  5. You're up to 6 followers now! Better start minding your P's and Q's ;o)

  6. Lol! Any minute now they'll be offering me fees to sponsor products ;o)


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