Tuesday, 9 August 2011

London gone mad


Oh no, that's right, we can divorce or sue our parents now.  Why is anyone surprised these kids have gone mad?  They have no respect for anything anymore, they are not taught to. Authority figures are scared to look in the wrong direction at a child these days.  I'm not suggesting we go back to the days of the cane but what about discipline? Teaching right from wrong?  Teaching respect? Or rather showing your children enough respect that they learn what it is.  Look at what these London kids are doing...
Fire in Croydon

Thugs mug injured boy

Teenage girls brag about riots

It's horrifying.  This has nothing to do with Mark Duggan.  It was just the excuse they needed.  I'm disgusted by this.  I'm as disgusted (if not more) by this as I am by the annual marches and violence that occur in Northern Ireland on 12th July.  This is wanton thuggery.

Is it any wonder I want to leave the UK?


  1. I couldn't agree more. Take away the discipline and the guide lines and this is the result.

  2. Love the new photo Lyn! :o)

    Eugh. I'm re-reading this post and cringeing a little. I was angry when I wrote it. I cant seem to keep my current emotions out of my posts!

    A bit like my driving!!


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