Saturday, 30 July 2011

Post Number 9

Hooray! I've smashed my blogging record of 6 posts!  I really think I could be in with a chance at this whole blogging thing this time...

I am currently sitting at home luxuriating in a little QT all to myself.  Wad has taken Bubble out for the afternoon and left me in a house of peace, the only sounds being the birds outside and the breeze rustling the trees.  Interrupted of course by the odd bark of one of my two hounds (they like to remind the surrounding countryside that they're big and tough every now and then).  I've been really looking forward to this today, to give me a chance to write up my next post without fear of any interruption.  A real stretch of time to fully concentrate on witty banter and some meaningful gems of wisdom.  So what do I have to talk about? Nothing. Zip. Nada. Squat.  I have a complete mental blank.  Maybe I should compile a list of topics in advance and then pick one before I am due to write up a post... oh this is hopeless - what a load of twaddle I'm writing here! I'll come back to it later...


  1. Not only do I have a mental blank I also can't count! This is my eighth post... aw hell, I'll leave the title as it is for the craic ;o)

  2. LOL. Oh how well I know that feeling. I look forward to the weekend - the free afternoon or evening during the week when I can just sit down and write. I have a head full of wonderful ideas just bursting to get out. And then the time comes. I sit down at my computer, open a new document and.....?
    It's like looking forward to a sleep in on the weekend and then waking up at the same time you always do. More proof of what perverse creatures we are.
    Thanks for dropping by my Blog and leaving a lovely comment. Congrats on number 8!

  3. You know, I thought that post was just awful! It's hard to write when there's nothing in your head to write about... but I'm determined to keep at it.

    Roll on post number 10! ;o)


Thanks for dropping by! I'll be sure to pop over to you too sometime soon :o)

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