Thursday, 28 July 2011

I've been to many places...

I have been to many places but I've never been in Cahoots. Apparently you can't go there alone; you have to be in Cahoots with someone. I've never been in Cognito either. I hear no-one recognises you there. I have, however, been in Sane. They don't have an airport - you have to be driven there. I have made several trips thanks to my family.



  1. Oh I love it. Thank you for a good laugh. I came across your post on Thea's Blog and thought I would stop by to say Hello and I'm so glad I did. I guess most of us 'bloggers' have been feeling it lately - the lack of comments and interest in what we are writing. But, then again, if you hadn't commented on Theas' Blog, I wouldn't have found you. So maybe people don't come because they don't know we are out here, waiting?
    Thanks again for a good chuckle to start off my Saturday

  2. Thank you Lyn! I'm really enjoying blogging so far...had tried it in the past but failed to commit to it. I think I might be on a roll this time though :o)

    Despite what I said on Thea's blog about it not mattering, I understand how she feels...You and Bern are my first comments and I feel absolutely thrilled to get them. I'm quite certain it'll become addictive!

    I'm enjoying the writing but I'm also now really looking forward to the friends I can meet through this too - there are so many funny, intelligent, nice people out there! It's quite exciting!




Thanks for dropping by! I'll be sure to pop over to you too sometime soon :o)

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