Monday, 3 October 2011

Ten Things...

Now that I'm back after a cheeky little break, what better way to get going again than a cheeky wee link up! (yes, I know I've done three in a row but they're just so much fun!) I've been invited by Shar at Mum on the Run to offer you 10 little nuggets of not so interesting info about me that might give you a giggle. So here goes...
1. I am a closet geek.
Well, not anymore by the looks of things! I LOVE fantasy. Wizards, unicorns, elves, hobbits, dragons, you name it, I love it! I have countless fantasy trilogies on my bookshelves and they are my achilles heel.
2. I love Disney cartoons.
I have a veritable collection of Disney animated films at home. I know most of the songs by heart and could probably quote you a line or twenty.
3. I have a mad music memory.
I do! It's so weird... anything in rhyme or song seems to stick in my head. If my degrees had been taught to me in rhyme I would have come out with a first class honours!
4. I have a huge capacity to eat.
It's true. I can eat voracious amounts of food. I can double eat what my husband does. Some say it's disgusting, I say it's greed. I just love food! I love to eat and consider myself a bit of a foodie... but my metabolism is starting to give up!!
5. I used to bellydance.
I originally wrote 'I can bellydance' but the truth is I haven't in nearly 10 years. I still see myself getting back to it - I was passionate about it back then. I even stayed in Cairo for a few weeks with my instructor, learning off local instructors. I think I was quite good but more importantly, it made me feel amazing about myself.
6. I am scared of the dark.
No really. My mind plays all sorts of tricks on me in the dark! I always have to have a nightlight.
7. I think I made a mistake becoming an architect.
I worked REALLY hard to qualify. I overcame financial and family issues to obtain my degrees. I fought tooth and nail to get the right projects to sit my professional exams on. I did really well in my Part 3 and I busted a gut to hang on to my job. But I still got made redundant. Sometimes, if you're continuously swimming against the current, you have to wonder if you're just not supposed to be going in that direction.
8. I regret not learning the piano.
My sister excels at piano and I just know I could do as well, given the time.
9. I only breastfeed from one side.
I had problems with my left breast. So Bubble has been reared on breastmilk entirely from one breast.
10. I hate my legs.
I can cope with every other aspect of my body but I hate my legs. If I could have surgery I would. They are like tree trunks. Even at my skinniest, they still looked like tree trunks. Meh.
So there you have it. Ten things you'd probably rather not know! Now when I was invited to join this link by the lovely lady Shar, it made me all gushy inside to be asked :o) so I'm sharing the love and inviting another five blog friends to divulge their deepest and darkest!
Over to you...
Shelley @ Shoebox Life


  1. Thanks for playing!
    It's so great to learn more about this belly filling, belly dancing, music memorising, dark fearing geek that you are!!

  2. How funny! I'm totally at odds with your #1 I'm afraid. Regarding your chosen profession, I often used to wish I'd studied architecture (instead of science)! Speaking of things you wish for...I learnt to play the piano when I was younger, to a professional level, but stopped so lost my skill - and now, it is sooo frustrating not being able to play like that. I'd have to start almost from scratch again - and it's painful. I suggest we both take up bellydancing instead! :D


Thanks for dropping by! I'll be sure to pop over to you too sometime soon :o)

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