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Wedding Day Stories Linky

Although newly recruited to blogging, I'm totally excited by all these linkys that are appearing - what a great concept! It has been so much fun reading other's stories on the same subject. Shelley's inspired post for people to share their wedding experiences is just the perfect excuse to share wedding photos. :o)  Aaahh!  How gorgeous.  Makes me want to do it all over again!

I married my best friend in 2005. Both of us came from divorced families and as such, decided to host our big day away from both our home towns (mine being Newry and Wad's being Edinburgh). We married in a gem of a place in the foot of the Scottish Highlands, a place called Pitlochry. The venue was the Atholl Palace. We hosted the ceremony and the reception there... and all the guests stayed the night - after a big old ceilidh!! ;o)

It was a fantastic day but over far too soon. Rather than relive it in words, I'll give you a whistle-stop tour in some photos that were taken by our guests.
The Venue - The stairs are to be my 'aisle'!

Me and mum before the can hardly see
her wheelchair in this photo. Ahem, yes, I am blond here! I took
to the bottle at uni and stayed blond until a couple of years ago!
I chose a harpist to play Canon in D
to walk down the 'aisle' to.
These were the table centrepieces, chosen to represent
Nanda.  It was said by all my aunts that after Nanda
passed away, each of them discovered a butterfly in
some capacity in each of their homes.
My 4 yr old sister as flowergirl, leading my other
two sisters and my chief bridesmaid, preceding me down the 'aisle'!
Me, my dad and my matron of honour successfully negotiating the
 'aisle'!  The smell of the lavender is something I'll never forget.

The view from the top of the aisle... after our vows had been exchanged
and the champagne had been poured!
'You want me to what?!'
'Whoops, here we go!'
'And strike a pose!'
Uncle Pete - aka UP - Wad's Aussie uncle. He attended with his wife from
Sydney and kindly agreed to play the bagpipes for us!

Brothers and sisters...From L to R
My brother - usher
Wad's brother - Best Man
My sister - bridesmaid
My sister - Flower Girl
My sister - VIP ;o)
My brother - usher
My sister - bridesmaid

Wad - my groom,
My better half
My boy
My best friend

We lit a candle for our grandparents who could not share our day.

First Dance

My stepdad. He may not have given me away but he
raised me as his own :o)

The product of the perfect marriage!!

Hope you have a lovely day Shelley!  Enjoy every flies by!


  1. Oh what a beautiful story! Thank you so much for sharing. That aisle is the most impressive I've ever seen! What a stunning backdrop. And it goes without saying that you looked beautiful, I adore your dress. And the butterflies, well they just make me want to cry. Thanks for letting me share in your special day all over again! xx

  2. That was just magical!
    Thank you for sharing it, beautiful bride.

  3. Oh wow. What a gorgeous wedding and such lovely memories

  4. Oh Cheryl, what a fairytale wedding! I absolutely loved looking through your photos. It looked like a perfect day all round. You were a princess, just gorgeous! And what a grand looking venue for your big day, you must have felt like royalty.
    Like your choice of Canon in D, I walked down the aisle to that one too. The Lavender is also beautiful. Such a lovely post :o) xo

  5. You look beautiful and what a stunning location. We need some proper palaces like that here :) thanks for sharing!

  6. Wow!!!!!!

    What an incredible day!

    The aisle, that lavender, your dress, that beautiful photo with your step dad, canon in D (my fave), oh ... & those kilts I LOVE!

    Everything looked magical :)

  7. Yes lovely pictures and a beautiful bonny baby:) By the way, you look great as a blonde!


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