Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Grandmother's Ring Linky

I have just been to Thea's blog reading a post on her late grandmother and the ring she left her.  It left me thinking about my past and where I came from.  Where my daughter will essentially have come from.

The ring pictured on Thea's blog is my paternal grandmother's engagement ring, left to me when she died shortly after I was born.  She had died less than a year after my paternal grandfather had died so I never knew either of them and I know very little about them.  This is because my father never discusses them - probably because they both died before he turned 20.

My maternal grandparents were in my life from a very early age as the marriage between my mother and father broke down very quickly...they were too young.  My grandfather (Nanda) died when I was 20 and I still miss him.  He was always smiling.  My grandmother (Nanny) is still with us and I am very fond of her too.  She looks fabulous for her age and the only thing I want her to leave me is her youthful appearance! Lol!  She is also South African, born and raised in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia). Nanda had come from Northern Ireland to Africa to work in the police and that is how he met Nanny.  In that day, I expect it would have been quite a big deal to have gone so far from home.  If I had a chance to ask my Nanda one more question, I would ask him why he did it.  It impresses me that he did something so adventurous!

Of course, he's not nearly as impressive as Wad's grandfather.  A decorated lieutenant-colonel in the Royal Scots, he was an intimidating figure, with war stories to make your hair curl and connections to many persons of note including Queen Elizabeth II.  Wad's grandmother was an established 'lady', born of a very long standing Scottish clan.  Sadly, both have passed away, leaving only mementos of WWII and a clan name.  Wad's father was disowned by his mother shortly after Wad's grandfather died.  He has not seen his grandmother since he was 11 years old.  Tragic, considering Wad is the last surviving male heir to his grandmother's clan name.

Of course, history does not make the person.  Wad is not an army man.  He is an architect.  I am nothing like my forebears either but who knows?  There is an unsettling likeness between Bubble and her paternal grandmother at this age...I only hope it is just a physical likeness!



  1. I love hearing grandparents' stories. I only wished I asked more questions when I could have. Your ring is stunning.

  2. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your story with us. Love the ring and what a treasure. Family history is totally fascinating to me and it helps me to feel special the more I learn about my family members. N x

  3. Thanks ladies :o)

    I know the post isn't strictly about jewellery - I'm not very good at fashion stuff lol! - but I'm glad you enjoyed the post regardless.

    Thanks for popping by!


  4. What a lovely post! You've got me inspired now, may even hop along!
    Can't remember where I clicked on your link, but nice to 'meet' you. My Mother and Husband are both from N.Ireland (Londonderry/Portrush and Larne respectively) and we are now Down Under! My daughter is uncannily like her paternal Grandmother too, just as I am like mine!
    Sandra x


Thanks for dropping by! I'll be sure to pop over to you too sometime soon :o)

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