Tuesday, 31 January 2012

New Fangled Technology

I came across this funny on facebook, posted by an old uni roommate of mine.  It occurs to me that this cheeky wee image makes me a little sad.  Whilst my toddler whisks her way through the touch screen menus of my phone, tablet PCs and the underwhelming IPad, I can't help feeling a little something has been lost.  I am not unaware that I am following in the footsteps of the laments of generations before mine... I'm quite certain these cries were heard about computers vs pen and paper back in the day. But still...
I am quite the sentimental type and will hang on to any item that even slightly whiffs of nostalgia.  Of course, this is much to my detriment as it also means that I hoard the most useless bunch of crap that ever existed since Noah built the Ark.

I wonder at the hundreds of cassette tapes that have boxed up in the attic.  I love listening to my tunes and have made full use of the modern technology that is the IPod...I have most of my listening appetite on it (them.  I have a couple.  And the IPhone).  I will most likely never use a cassette player again - in fact the only one I do have chews up cassette tapes in the only way an '80's relic can.  So WHY are they taking up valuable storage space?

Because a little part of me worries that one day I will lose my music collection in cyberspace.   Because you can't lose a cassette into thin air.  Now we have iCloud...where (for a small annual fee) we can store hundreds of millions of documents, photos, files, data, you-name-it into nothingness.  Brilliant, isn't it? (It's genius, no wonder Apple wipes its backside with $100 bills)

Call me a technophobe but seriously, everything's virtual these days, don't some of you hanker for the tangible?!



  1. I have a few cassettes too, and some CDs, even though we don't have a cassette player and I can't remember the last time I put a music CD into the player. I also have a Kindle, and although I had a massive book cull I've still kept my favourites. Even though I know that if something were to happen to the electronic media it is easily replaced, I still want to keep the physical things!

    I just noticed the other day that my toddler son has picked up 'left' and 'right' from the Sat Nav in the car, and although he can't read he can navigate his way around games on the tablet, presumably by recognising the shape of the words that he needs to press. I can't imagine the sort of technology that will be around when he's a teenager, so different from what I had!

  2. Absolutely.
    Technology is beyond brilliant - but I'm a traditional girl at heart!
    Some things just require the face to face or the tangible approach!
    I still use a good old paper & pen diary - it just feels right.
    I hope our kids are getting the best of both worlds.

  3. Yup, I agree.

    I like to use the technological AND the tangible... I print all my photos incase Photobucket decides to disappear into thin cyberair one day... but I love being able to upload all my pics to it incase my house burns down one day

  4. See! I knew I wasn't the only one!



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